24 December 2011

Worst Cricket Pitch Of All Time (Disgraceful Scenes)

This Video I found on Youtube, want to share it with you People, Uploaded by someone else, who has found it on a Torrent, I don't know who it belongs to, In this video Dave Warner faces a few balls, looks like that it was played between New South Wales team vs a Western Australia team, either 1st or a 2nd match.
2010/11 New South Wales went down by 253 runs to Western Australia, In a game that they were chasing after a poor first innings performance.
Starting the final day at 6-174, New South Wales were hoping for a miracle partnership to win the match. This was never going to be easy on a wicket that had such wide cracks that both umpires and captains met before the day's play to work out if conditions were fit to continue.

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