23 December 2011

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Love Letter By a Mathematician

My Dear Love,

Yesterday, i was passing by ur rectangular house in trigonometric lane.There i saw u with ur cute circular face,conical nose, parabolic chin and spherical eyes,standing in ur triangular garden.Before seeing u my heart was a null set,but when a vector of magnitude from ur eyes at a deviation of theta radians made a tangent to my heart,it integrated.

My Love 4u is a quadratic equation with real roots.

GIRL:Lanat hy aise pyar pe jis ka letter samajhne k lye mujhy 2nd year ka maths parhna parhe.

Albert Einstien

Albert Einstien once Said:
I Can Calculate Every Thing,
Even The Velocity Of Light.
I Can't Calculate The timing of loadshding in pakistan.

Dont Use Your Brain

Using ur brain is strictly prohibited :-Question :--
U r in a boat in middle of river. U hav 2 candles & hav to light any 1 candle. U dont have anythng wid u in d boat to li8 thm up. How to do it?

Ans - Take 1 candle & throw it in d water.
So the boat will become LIGHTER.
Using dis LIGHTER u can light d othr Candle:-P
Anothr deadly ans -

U throw a candle up & catch it. Catches win
Matches. Using Matches u can light d candle.;-)
If dat wasn't enough,
1 more ans -
Take water in ur hand & drop it.
Drop by drop:TIP-TIP. "TIP TIP barsa Pani,
Pani ne aag lagayi" us aag se hamne candle jalayi.:-P

If that wasnt enough even uptill nw
-1 more ans-
Start praising 1 candle, the othr will get jelous n get lighted up :D
This is our style of answerin in examz
Logic ho na ho length honi chahye :/ :D

Top Answers Of Teachers

Top Answers Of Teachers If They Don't Know The Answers!:P
- I think d questi0n is wr0ng:-P

- I'll tell u 2m0rrow:->

- Don't ask f0olish questi0ns;->

- U'll study dis in da next class:-|
And da m0st fam0us 1:-P
- Nice questi0n, raise ur hands wh0 kn0w da answer 4 dis?
Mom To Son

Mom: wt r u doing dear?
S0n: mom m killing eukaryotic, multicellular, hetertrophic, ectoparasites, vectors of plasmodiam n dengue,belonging to phylum arthopoda clas insecta..
Mom: whattttt???
S0n: mom MACHAR maar rha hoon.

Moral: or parhao bachay nu medicl
Dedicatd to all innocent bio-victims

Interesting Confusions

1. Can u cry under water?

2. Do fish ever get thirsty?

3. Why don't birds fall out of trees when they sleep?

4. What do u call a male lady bird?

5. Why is it called building when it's already built?

6. When they say dog food is new & improved in taste, who tastes it?

7. If money doesn't grow on trees then why banks have branches?

8. Why does a round pizza come in sqaure box?

9.Why doesn't glue stick to its bottle?
Generation Gap

"Generation Gap"
I told my Dad that I want an Apple or a Blackberry..
He replied
Kinoo da season ay putar, kinoo kha kinoo....


Teacher: Which is the best month to study?
Student: octembruary.

Teacher: dont be silly, there is NO such month.

Student: Exactly..!  :-D
Story of Newton's Laws

Story of Newton's laws:

A cow was walkin.

NEWTON stopped it.
it stopped.

he found his first law

"an object continues to move unless it's stopped".

He gave a FORCE by Kicking d Cow,

it Gave a Sound "MA"!

he formulated the 2nd Law, F=MA!!

After sumtim d Cow gave a kick to Newton,

then he formulated the 3rd Law.


Physics Professor

A student called up his physics professor
but got professors wife on the call n said
"he died last week",...

Next day studend called again & asked for the professer
wife answerd i told u he died last week...

Next day he called again, ths tym wife shouted
I'hv told u your professer died last week
Y do u keep calling?

Student Replied
Sun k acha lagta hai

Maths sir
Maths sir : what is a line.?
A Genius Answered :
Line is a Dot, Going for a walk...!!

Law of Conversion of Knowledge

''No matter how long the lecture may be,
The knowlege before and after lecture remains the same'' :)

The Teacher

The teacher puts 2x+5x2/-8+21a on the board and tells me:

"Solve the problem."

I got up, and erase the board. Problem solved!! :-D
How Much Sleep The Average Person Needs?

How much sleep the average person needs?
The answer is "5 more minutes"

Q: What is a calorie?
A: Calories are the little devils that get into your wardrobe at night and sew your clothes tighter.

Q: Why Facebook is so hit?
A: People are more interested in other's life than their own :p

Q: who is the most active person in the world?
A: the One who invented alarm.

Q: who is The laziest person in the world?
A: the One who invented snooze in alarm!

A Boy Tells His Friend 
A boy tells his friend that check my result at the university and come back and tell me my grades. But I will be with my father so if I failed in one subject say "Muslim says Asalam o Alaikum", if I failed in two say "Muslimeen says Asalam o Alaikum".
the friend comes from the university and says "Ummat e Muslima says
"Asalam 0 Alaikum"

Lays Chips

I feel so thankful when i buy a colorful Lays packet of air & the company is so sweet & kind enough to put some chips in it so that the packet doesn't fly:):p:D
Boy To Girl
Boy: i like ur 'teeth'.....

Girl: oh really, why????
Boy: becoz yellow is my favorite color.

(', ')
<) (>

Technical beizati...

When I was Studying
When I was Studying
My Mom Was calling me
But I did not respond

I was deeply involved in Studies But she Called me again n again

I shouted Plz Leave me to Study, My exam is near plz
I want to Study , I want to Study

My Mom Slaped me and said

Stop Dreaming
Wake up n Study :P :D 
Professor Explained Marketing to Business Students

A Professor Explained Marketing to BUSINESS Students:

1. You see gorgeous girl in party, U go to her & say I am rich marry me
Thats Direct Marketing

2. U attend party & ur friend goes to a girl & pointng at you tells her. He' is very rich, marry him
Thats Advertisng

3.girl walks to u & says u rich, can u marry me?
"That's Brand Recognition"

4. U say I m very rich marry me & she slaps u
"Thats Customer Feedback"

5. U say I m very rich marry me & she introduces u to her husband
"Thats Demand & Supply Gap"

6. before U say I m rich, marry me, ur wife arrives
Thats Restriction from Entering New Market  :D
3 Signs 2 Identify Students
3 Signs 2 identify students

1. Highly Stressed

2. Highly Depressed

3. Still Well Dressed.:p
Names of 10 Chemical
Teacher :Tell me the names of 10 chemical elements ?
Student :
Oxygen, Chlorine, Florine, Bromeen,
Yasmeen! :p
Brilliant Answers by Brilliant Students
Q 1: In which battle did Tipu Sultan die?
Ans: In His last battle.

Q 2: Where was the declaration of independence signed?
Ans: At the bottom of the page.

Q 3: In which state Ravi flow?
Ans: Liquid state.

Q 4: What's the main reason for divorce?
Ans: Marriage
Dear Google
Dear Google !
Please Stop Behaving Like my Wife..
Kindly Let me Complete my Sentence Before You Give Suggestions... :-D
Top Answers of Teachers
Top answers of teachers if dey dont knw da answer:
1) I think da questi0n is wrong:-/

2) I'll tell u tomorow;-)

3) Dont ask foolish questi0n:-)

4) U will study dis in  next class:-P

& da most famous 1 is:

5) Nice questi0n, raise ur hands who knw da answer 4 dis?B-)

(If no one raises)
Then it is an assignment..:-D
 Student Wrote a Letter To His Father 

A studnt wrote a letter to his father from hostel Dear Dad.,

No money,
No fun!
Your son...

His father replied:

So sad,
Very bad!
Your Dad:)

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