7 July 2013

Read Before Installing the Game

We face a lot of Problems while installing the game on our Computer, Sometime it's not works even we installed it correctly, The two basic reasons for that is "System Requirements", It means that may be the game is not compatible with your System, So First Check the Minimum or Recommended Specification for the Game you are Installing, Like: The Amount of free space on your Hard Disk, Your Ram, Processor, Sound Card, Graphics Card etc...and second is that may be any software is missing from your computer which may highly recommend by the game, So we have collected some software which is needed during game installation.

This is a lightweight, flexible, and easy-to-use archiving utility, which will Extract or Compress your files.

If you have downloaded the game from any site than this software will help you to Burn the game to the CD/DVD so you will retrieve it as you inserted a CD.

This software will help a system utility to boost Navidia and AMD graphics cards.

This Software is used with DirectX or OpenGL Graphics technology for the Real time Video Capturing, Bench-marking (take a screenshot with the press of one key).

It will give your game a boost and enable us to close the other Running Applications to give more Space to the game.

This is another important software for implementing large language library, very necessary for the game which uses coded languages.

This Software is mostly required by the XP Operating System, It will install all the components which is needed by the game.

This is a product of Microsoft and one of the most essential software for almost all new generation games, It will install automatically with game if you dont have in your System.

It is designed for improving the performance of your Nvidia graphic card. This program improves the rendering graphics in the games that uses a lot of objects.

A group of technologies designed to make Windows-based computers an ideal platform for running and displaying applications rich in multimedia elements such as full-color graphics, video, 3D animation, and rich audio.

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