26 January 2013

Don Bradman "The Man of 99.94"

Sir Donald George Bradman, Known as Don Bradman, born on 27 August 1908 – 25 February 2001, was an Australian cricketer, widely acknowledged as the greatest Test batsman of all time, due to his highest Test batting average of 99.94, His Cricket career starts from 1928 to 1948.

Interesting Fact About Don Bradman's Batting Average:

  • Sir Donald Bradman owns the neverbreaking record of career average of 99.94 in test matches, He needed just 4 runs to get average of 100 runs and reach 7000 run mark but, unfortunately he was out for a duck.
  • Don Bradman was only once dropped from the team when he fail to perform well in his debut match. He had scored 18 and 1 run in his debut match.
  • Don Bradman was not a great six hitter. He just hit 6 sixes, 618 fours.
  • Near possible margin to third triple hundred, Don Bradman scored 2 triple hundred but, he was very near to 3rd triple hundred by an inch. Because, he was once not out in 299 against South Africa.
  • In his successful test batting career, he 10 times got out for a duck, And, the duck no one can forget is his duck in last test inning, which stick his batting average to 99.94 runs.

Don Bradman Records:
  • Bradman owns record of scoring highest number of double centuries in test cricket, he has crossed the mark of 200 runs 12 times in his career.
  • Don Bradman is only player in the world to score over 5000 runs against a single opponent i.e v/s England.
  • He holds the record of most double centuries in a series i.e 3 double centuries in his career.
  • He is also only batsmen in test cricket to score 974 runs in a series.
  • Bradman also holds the record of highest 5th wicket partnership (405 runs with Sid Barnes) and 6th wicket partnership (346 with Jack Fingleton) in test matches.
  • The record of scoring more than 500 runs 7 times in a series.
  • He is the only batsmen to score six consecutive test centuries till now.
  • He also holds the record of highest 50-100 conversion rate with 69.05% as he is the only player to score more centuries than half centuries in his career.

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