29 March 2012

Equipments Used In A Cricket Match

There are Several Eqipment used in a cricket match, which we already now but here you will find some informative information about that equipments.

A ball used is usually a hard, cork and string ball, covered with leather, just like an equator, The circumference is between 224 and 229 millimeters (8.81 to 9.00 inches and the weight is between 156 and 163 grams (5.5 to 5.75 ounces), Traditionally, the ball is dyed red, with the stitching left white, Now a days white balls are also used, for visibility in games played at night under artificial lighting.

A Cricket bat is made up of humped on the other for strength, attached to a sturdy cane handle, The blade of a bat has a maximum width of 108 millimeters (4.25 inches) and the whole bat a maximum length of 965 millimeters (38 inches).

The wickets are made up of wooden structures and consist of a set of three stumps topped by a pair of bails.

Stumps are three wooden posts, 25 millimeters (1 inch) in diameter and 813 millimeters (32 inches) high. They have spikes extending from their bottom end. Stumps are hammered into the ground in an evenly spaced row, with the outside edges if the outermost stumps 228 millimeters (9 inches) apart. This means they are just close enough together that a cricket ball cannot pass between them.

Bail are two wooden cross pieces, which sit in grooves atop the adjacent pairs of stumps.

The Protective Gear is used by a batsman to protect him from injuries on the field, it is used to protect him against the ball, the protective gear includes pads, gloves, helmet, chest guard, leg guard etc.

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