1 February 2012

Shoaib Goes To Kill Me: Lara

This is a very interesting video, In which the one of the best and world record holder of 400 runs in Test Cricket Brain Lara from Westindies was injured by the bouncer of the world fastest bowler Shoaib Akhtar from Pakistan, The speed of the ball delivered by shoaib akhtar is 92.1 miles per hour and 148 kph which help Shoaib to injured Lara's neck in a ICC Champion Tropy Match 2004, After that match, In press conference the westindian batsman Sarwan told the media that "Before the match Shoaib told Lara that he will kill him" Which becomes the big headlines on westindian media, This is not true, In an Interview to Geo news shoaib told the true story that before he was going to bowl lara,
He said to him that this is the an honourable thing that I am bowling against you, Lara replied you are joking, Shoaib reply no I am serious, You are my favourate batsman I feel happy to bowl you, As Lara move forward Sarwan asked him what Shoiab said to you, He replied he goes to kill me (in joke), and that is exactly happen on that day Lara was injured by Shoaib, He left the ground for hospital and in press conference Sarwan said all what Lara said to him, Next Morning Lara come to shoaib with a ball where he wrote "It is pleasure facing you and battle will continue" and sorry him about what he said to Sarwan. Shoaib also mentioned that in my 8 year career I have bowl only 3 deliveries to lara and these 3 deliveries are the most memorable deliveries of my life.

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