1 January 2012

3 Unknown Terms Related Cricket

This is the three unknown terms used in cricket and only few people know about it, These are:

Nightwatchman is a batsman, who comes into bat out of order towards the end of a days play in a multi day game, In order to protect better batsman.

In test matches, It sometimes happen that teams innings has only a few men out towards the end of the days play. If the batsmen gets out with about half an hour or less until stumps, The batting captain will sometimes send a poor batsman instead of a good one. The idea is that the poor batsman (The Nightwatchman) will survive till end of the days play and hence protect the good batsman from having to make a fresh start that evening and again the next morning.

Rabbit is a player (almost invariably a bowler, but sometime a wicket-keeper) who is a very poor batsman.

Ferret is an extremely poor batsman (so called because) he goes in after the rabbit.

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