28 December 2011

4 Very Rare Dismissals in Cricket

There are so many things that we dont know about cricket even we are the big fan of that game, In Cricket we usually see many types of Dismissals like Caught ,Bowled, LBW,Stumped, Runout, These are those which is very common and known, But there are many other dismissals which we dont know because only few time we see it happening in the game, These are as follows:

The Batsman is out in this way if the batsman touches the ball with a hand, not currently holding the bat, without the permission of the fielding side, This does not include being hit on the hand by a delivery, or any other non-deliberate action.

A Batsman is given by the umpire in this way if he deliberately interferes with the efforts of fielders to gather the the ball or effect a run out, This does not include running on the path between the fielder and the wicket so that the fielder cannot throw the stumps down with the ball, which is quite legal,but does include any deliberate attempt to swat the ball away.

A batsman is declared out if he hits a delivery with his bat and then deliberately hit the ball again for any reason other than to defend his wicket from being broken by the ball. If the ball bounces or rolls around near the stumps, The batsman is entitled to knock it away so as to avoid being bowled, but not to score runs.

A Batsman is given out, If he takes longer than two minutes to arrive at the crease after the previous batsman has been given out.

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