21 December 2011

What is Cricket?

Cricket is one of the most fascinating Games of modern times, The Exicitement and Joyment of this game is unmatched by any other sports, It is the game of patience, passion and a sportsmanship,
This Game is originated by the British, Now played throughout the world particularly in Australia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, South africa, Newzealand, Srilanka and Westindies,
With the passage of time cricket has improved by introducing different technology of 3rd umpire, Review System etc, Which makes the game more Secure and Interesting,

Cricket is the game played with a ball and bat, Between two team of eleven players each, The basic concept of  cricket is similar to that of baseball, Team in successive inning and attempt to score runs while opposing team field and attempts to bring and end to the batting teams inning, After each team has batted an equal number of innings (either one or more, depending on conditions chosen before the game), The team with the most runs wins!!!

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